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San Tan Food Policies

AND what these mean to our Busy Bees!


  • STCS is a NUT FREE campus.

  • STCS strongly discourages foods/beverages of minimal nutritional value, specifically candy, soda, and all items listing ‘sugar’ as the first ingredients.
  • Lunches: First graders can be very literal and will more than likely comment on each other’s lunches if they see any items outside of the school nutritional policies. However, at STCS, we are looking for balance: protein/carbs/hydration/low sugar. I will contact you directly if I feel your child’s performance in class could be improved upon with more balanced nutrition.

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  • Snacks: We plan to have snack and read-aloud every afternoon in class. My personal policy is that the kids drink only water and eat non-liquid snacks  in class. I will ask them to save the gogurts, fruit cups, and sports drinks for recess or lunch when clean up is a little easier than on our carpet.
  • Snacks (Part 2): Most kids will pack their own snacks but I would like to have some back ups for those who do not. I am happy to keep pretzels and goldfish on hand but always appreciate any donations throughout the year! As I get to know our Busy Bees and their nutrition preferences, allergies, etc., we can add other options to this list!


In class, we will sing to our Busy Bees on their birthdays and give lots of love and kindness!!

Students will also be called to the office on their birthdays.

We prefer no balloons or fanfare that may distract students from learning. However, if you’d like to do something for the whole class, I am happy to pass out any special snacks (that follow our nutrition policy) during read-aloud, or a take-home gift bag at dismissal. Please feel free to contact me for specifics.