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Pumpkin Party

I plan to set up stations for the afternoon. The SignUpGenius will allow you to either send up for materials or volunteer from 1:30ish to 2:45 or BOTH!! This will be my first class party with parents here at San Tan so I am super excited!! Come join the fun!! I am not planning to limit the number of parents unless I am told otherwise! The kids will be doing a Pumpkin Play that we will record so you can see it even if you are not here!

Busy Bee Tees???

Interested? About $20 each. Great for Fridays, Spirit Days, Field Trips, and just for fun!!

Coming Home Friday

Phonics Packet: /e/ spelled _e or _ea like fed and bread

Take a look to see what your kids are working on:

adding _ed to the end of a word to sound like /ed/ or /t/

Nouns: singular and plural

Spelling Tests

Spelling Tests taken today were sent home. Take note if your child may need some practice at home.

In class, we say, “We all make mistakes because we are trying!” If your child gets words wrong, please know that we focus on the effort! One of our goals is to learn the process of taking a spelling test and all of the kids are doing great!

Math Topic 4: Strategies to Subtract Facts to 20

Ask your kids what is my favorite strategy and why!! Then feel free to practice it!!


*To My Parents of Above Grade Level Learners:

These pages may not seem challenging enough for your kids! Rest assured, in class, we do a lot of enrichment activities and extensions! For example, the book at the end of the /i/ packet has very few words for beginning first grade level readers. One extension idea would be to add more detail to the sentences, like descriptive words or an addition at the end of the sentence.

For math, our discussions are deep and the activities and games that we play can be more challenging!

XtraMath at Home!

Try it! If they earn a certificate, let me know and I will set them up for the next group of math problems.

We will celebrate in class!!

Literacy Pro at Home!

So far, 5 Busy Bees have tried it out!

Log in to Literacy Pro! Let me know how the kids like it…my own children really enjoy it!

This is our new online reading program that you paid for when you purchased the RASK kit. It is super cool! My own kids just started using it. The first step is to take an assessment and then the program will suggest books for your child. Please take time to login and check it out. I would love to have them reading even more over the break!

At LiteracyPro, kids can “access over 2,500 authentic, high-quality ebooks, some in Spanish, as well as connections to thousands of print books in classroom libraries. Students are given a personalized reading experience with choice, while educators are provided with actionable data about reading levels, activity, comprehension, and progress.”

Instructions: Go to

Choose “Sign in with Google Classroom”

Choose your child’s account:

It will guide you through the rest! Please let me know how it goes! My own kids love it so far!

Scholastic Book Order

This will be our last book order before Christmas! Please let me know if you are ordering gifts and I will be sneaky about getting your books to you!

Choose “Connect to Teacher” and use our class code: WWGT4

Orders are Due by Friday, 11/12

Library on Fridays!

Please send in your child’s library book on Fridays or before. They will be choosing a new book when they return the book from last week.

Parents at School!

Parent Helpers: Here is a SignUpGenius for Reading and Math Stations Tue/Wed/Thu. I am so grateful for having your help the past few weeks! And your kids absolutely love having you here! I know your lives are busy so your time here is very much appreciated!

Please click on the link below to sign up! And THANK YOU in advance!!

Art Masterpiece

We enjoyed another Art Masterpiece today! If you have any questions or ideas, contact Jenn Jacobs.  Jenn Jacobs @ to volunteer or for more information!

From the Principal

Letter from the Principal

Dear San Tan Families,

I hope your week is going well! We are working on scheduling our Annual Culture Celebration coming up for November 12th. In years past, we have hosted parent volunteers who host a table to teach students about different cultures.

At San Tan we believe that student success is rooted in respect for and cultivation of a strong sense of identity and pride.  We are pleased and excited to invite students and families to join us as we celebrate the many cultures represented in our school community!

November 12th, 2021 9:00-1:30


We would love for families to host a table to share artifacts, foods, and stories that reflect your family’s culture.

Please sign up with your name and the country you wish to represent!

– Mrs. Sarah Laramie

Important Announcements 

Babysitting / CPR Class



Please contact ( if you have any questions.

Staff Shout Outs

I think we can all agree that we have AMAZING staff at STCS Recker Campus. We would love to hear from you all the wonderful things that the staff are doing so please click the following link to give our staff a “Shout Outs”. Frost Gelato has generously donated gift cards to help reward out staff members after they have received a shout out!

Helpful Links

Field Trip Links

  • American Heritage Festival (Mainstream and Gifted 5th Graders): Due October 27th, 2021

  • Riparian Reserve (K-6 Montessori): Due October 27th, 2021

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Mrs. Sarah Laramie, M.A.  

Principal, Recker Campus

Doctoral Candidate, Grand Canyon University

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela