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There is Never Enough Time!!

So is the story of life, right?? We are getting to know each other and learning how to work together! I am truly enjoying your children and how they socialize with each other. They LOVE to PLAY and they have LOTS to SAY! And as much as I’d LOVE to HAVE FUN ALL DAY, I am stressing to them that WE HAVE WORK TO DO! You would be so proud of them as they learn this. Today, we had several moments when EVERY STUDENT WAS ON TASK! Ask them about being a COLLEGE STUDENT!!

I share this with you so you know we are working on balance. Your kids are amazing and I am blessed to be able to spend my days with them!!

Fun Friday:

Today was EXTRA FUN because they earned 25 HONEYCOMB POINTS and we CELEBRATED!!

They earn points for being ready, staying on task, and making good choices as a whole group. We began this early in the school year so these points are legit…not just handed out! Ask your child what ideas we listed for our Honeycomb Point Celebrations!

Coming Home Today!

Reading Log:

Please remember this is used at home and at school so it goes in the green folder “Return to School” side.

Daily 5 Check Off Sheet:

Each day we work on “Daily 5”. The goal is to get all 5 work stations done each day. They are doing a great job choosing the order of doing the stations. Next week, we will be more diligent about working at each station.

Wonders: Short /a/ Packet:

This was our first word work packet. There will typically be pages not done because the kids have lots of daily options for “Word Work”. Feel free to use this for extra practice at home!

Working On It!

Math: Topic 2

This topic focuses on several strategies for adding/subtracting to 10. We will be on topic 2  next week also. Strategies:

Count on to Add/Doubles/Ten Frames/Add in Any Order


Scholastic Book Order

Follow this link, then choose the little house or go to “parents”. It will then offer to “connect to a teacher”. Enter our Class Code: WWGT4

Due Date: September 3rd

Labor Day Weekend

No School on Monday, September 6th. Enjoy the extra family time!!

At Home

Reading Log

I am sending home a Reading Log to KEEP IN THE GREEN FOLDER “Return to School” side. At home, please ask your reader to fill out the log, whether it is a read aloud or a read to self. For chapter books, please list the dates the book is read. It is also TOTALLY FINE to reread a book! Some become favorites and that helps with fluency! We will use this at school as well so please keep it in the green folder and bring the green folder every day.

Math At Home


Some of you did this last year with Ms. Harris. It is a great way to practice math fact fluency!

Last week, I sent home your code for enrolling at home. Email me if you are having trouble getting set up and I will look into it.

For my friends who are not digging the online XtraMath program, we will soon be making a set of flashcards to keep in the green folders. This is another great way to practice math fact fluency!

Envision Math

At times, I will continue sending pages home from their math workbooks. Please remember:  The purpose is for extra practice. If this causes a problem between you and your child, let me know and we can discuss other options. I do not want to add stress to your family time!

Hot Lunch on Thursdays

I wanted to highlight our new vendor for Thursday Hot Lunches. We have been friends with this family for over a decade! I added the link if you’d like to check out their “Why” story. Personally, I look forward to eating IF on Thursdays!! Go to to order!