News 8/6/21

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Where do we go from here?

I’m sure you all have lots of questions about the positive covid test from our classroom.

First, I would like to assure you that my son who was sick is better and that was NOT the covid case.

Next, I absolutely respect all of your decisions about your students, whether you send them to school or keep them home! We are all navigating this together and I feel there is very little room to judge!

Next, Here’s what we are doing in class:

  • Masks: I am wearing my mask most of the time and support any students who wear one.
  • Sanitizing: I sanitize tables and chairs after school. During the day, I give the kids wipes to clean their tables before and after eating. I will also sanitize pencils and manipulatives that are shared.
  • Hands: I have the kids wash their hands and/or sanitize before and after lunch and snack time.
  • In the Air: I have a diffuser  and often use DoTerra On Guard. I also have a room sanitizer spray that I spray at the end of the day (and I plan to use it throughout the day as well).
  • Keep to Ourselves: I am trying my best not share supplies and keep students from touching each other…they are learning!!


Finally: I will set up the Google Classroom this weekend. Remember, you will need to go into your child’s email address (ex. and accept my invitation to join. If you do not remember the password, try student 123 If this does not work, text me and I will invite your child through your email.

I know some of you have been through this last year so please know my heart is with you! Try not to worry and we will handle this one day at a time…TOGETHER!!

~Monica Dippre