Our First Week and More!

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Our classroom is FULL of school supplies!! I am very grateful to all of you!!

Reminder: Due Monday 8/2

Person and “Bee” honeycomb: I have seen a lot of creativity!

MAP Testing

We will do our first set of MAP Tests this week. Our class tests on Tuesday and Thursday.

This is an opportunity for children to “show what you know”. the results help guide my teaching and small group instruction.

Google Login

Please login to your child’s google account and accept my invitation to our Google Classroom. We do not plan to utilize this as we did last year but I use it to post science activities, story read-alouds, etc. It is fun for kids to share what we do in class!

Scholastic News

I am collecting $8 for Scholastic News magazines. These are weekly pamphlets that focus on Social Studies and Science and they are so fun for the kids!

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

I love taking pictures of your first graders when I have my phone handy. Unless I hear from you, I will assume that you are ok with my sharing these in our class EMAILS. Some first grade families opted to not allow pictures on social media so I will honor that request. I will also not post on this website.

Class Lists and Personal Info

  • In order to honor your privacy, I will ask each of you if it is ok to chare your contact information with the class. I plan to put together a class email/phone # list for all who want to participate. This helps when planning outside activities.

Text Messages

How do you feel about individual and group texts? Sometimes I have a quick question or info I want to share. I also like to share pictures through text so I don’t forget! I will honor your preference, for sure! Think about it and I will text each of you individually to get your permission.

Before and After Care Program

  • Here is the link if you are looking for Before and After Care. You can join us on a regular basis or as your need arises. If you are late for pick up, your Busy Bee will be enjoying this program as he/she waits for you. There is a cost.
  • Before & After Care Program (PreK – 12)